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     “Nothing escapes geography.” Founded in 1955, Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society SSS HKUSU (“GGAS”, formerly Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society AA HKUSU) has been one of the oldest continuously operational societies in the University of Hong Kong. Despite having gone through some challenging times in the past half-century, the Society’s goal to serve Members to the highest standards has never been wavered, and shall remain immutable for the foreseeable future. The transition in affiliation from Arts Association HKUSU to Social Sciences Society HKUSU in 2008 embodies a new beginning for the Society to thrive again and reach new zenith.

     At GGAS, we believe that zeal is the key to success. As inscribed in the Society’s constitution, the Society not only aims to cultivate Members’ interests and knowledge in Geography, Geology and Archaeology, but we are also committed to developing social awareness among our Members, especially social issues that are related to Geography, Geology and Archaeology. Our zeal is inherent in everything we do, from publishing news bulletin to organizing large-scale events such as the Orientation Series. It is this spirit that keeps us together, that empowers us to serve our Members, and to care for the community.



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