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Aurora, Executive Committee Members of
GGAS SSS HKUSU Session 2012-2013



Chairperson: Cheng Wai Mei, Cherry
Internal Vice-Chairperson: Lee Ka Hin, Kelvin
External Vice-Chairperson: Ng Tsz Kit, Alex
General Secretary: Wong Yuen Ting, Emily
Financial Secretary: Yuen Shui Tuen, Dawn
Social Secretary: Yeung Man Hin, Timothy
Academic Secretary: Chan Ying Sun, Christopher
External Secretary: Chen Si Lang, Karen
External Secretary: Lam Hoi Lap, Lluvy
Publication Secretary: Chim Shu Mei, Jaime
Publicity Secretary: Shek Ka Yan, Sky
Welfare Secretary: Wong Tan Hin, Anthony
Programme Secretary: Ho Hiu Fai, Janice

        Aurora is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude regions like the Arctic and the Antarctic. In the dark night, aurora appears to be with a wide range of combinations of colors.

        The intensity of aurora is like our passion and perseverance towards the whole GGAS to promote it to HKU, geography-related groups, even to society wholeheartedly. We are also determined to cultivate the interests of students to understand more about Geography. Similar to the nature of aurora, we, as the guiding light, are accountable to our Members to deal with their confusion towards their studies or courses.

        Last but not least, aurora is physically resulted from the aggregations of energetic charged particles with atoms. Each Executive Committee is like a single particle waiting for aggregation. Only when the team is united, can we prosper and fulfill our objectives with strength and support. Unity and appreciation are the main essential elements upon our cooperation and friendship.




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