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Geography Festival: Photo Competition

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Nature & Humanity, Conflict or Harmony?


1) 姓名
2) 就讀學科及年級
3) 學生編號
4) 會員/非會員
5) 電話號碼
6) 電郵地址
7) 照片標題(可選填)
8) 照片描述(可選填)
9) 所用攝影技巧(可選填)

***活動詳情及細節請參閱英文版指引***。如對是次攝影比賽有任何疑問,歡迎致電61006956(盧顥云) 查詢。

Reminder! GGAS "Geography Festival: Photo Competition" is starting now! Have you joined yet? If not, just join it now!! As all the photos will exhibit during our Geography Festival Exhibition in the coming week (24-28.3.2014), it is a good chance to promote your photo to HKU students!

The theme of our competition is "Nature & Humanity, Conflict or Harmony?" How does the nature and humanity interact? Is there conflict in between or both of them can coexist? Pick up your camera now and show us the your world through the lens! A photo is a chance for you to earn a $150 ParknShop and other prizes!!!

Don't hesitate and take action now to submit your photo to by 28.3.2014, with the following format (Chinese or English):
1) Full name
2) Curriculum with year-of-study
3) UID
4) GGAS membership status (member/non-member)
5) Phone number
6) E-mail address
7) Title(s) of photo(s) (optional)
8) Description(s) of photo(s) (optional)
9) Technical details of photo(s) (e.g. aperture, shutter speed) (optional)

Please feel free to contact Owen Lo at 61006956 if you have any enquiry.

***For more details, please find in the following***
Geography is a very broad discipline that studies how different elements on Earth are distributed over space and time. Not only does it investigate both nature and humanity, but it also puts heavy emphasis on the reciprocal relationship between the two. Therefore, the theme of this photo competition is set to be "Nature & Humanity: Conflict or Harmony". We hope that participants can reflect in their pictures how elements of nature and humanity can co-exist in the same landscape.

1) Most Facebook Likes: ParknShop coupons of value $150
2) Highest Educational Value: 1 stationery set
3) Highest Artistic Value: society product set

[Important Dates]
1) Submission period: 19 March 2014 to 28 March 2014
2) Voting period: 24 March 2014 to 2 April 2014
3) Announcement of result: 9 April 2014
*All photos submitted will be posted here as well as displayed in our exhibition from 24 March 2014 to 28 March 2014.

[Rules of entry]
1) All participants must be current undergraduate or postgraduate students of the University of Hong Kong.
2) The photo(s) submitted should be related to the theme.
3) Participants can only submit original photo(s) that are taken by themselves.
4) Each participant can only submit up to 2 photos.
5) Participants are not allowed to submit revisions.
6) Participants are required to provide his/ her full name, UID, curriculum with year-of-study, GGAS membership status (member/ non-member),phone number, and e-mail address.
7) Participants are allowed to give titles (maximum 50 characters) and descriptions (maximum 200 characters) to their photos.
8) Participants are strongly advised to read the terms and conditions.
9) Format: JPEG, photo resolution must not be lower than 5MP.

[Submit along with photo(s)]
1) Full name
2) Curriculum with year-of-study
3) UID
4) GGAS membership status
5) Phone number
6) E-mail address
7) Title(s) of photo(s) (optional)
8) Description(s) of photo(s) (optional)
9) Technical details of photo(s) (e.g. aperture, shutter speed) (optional)

[Procedures for entry]
1) Send an e-mail with the photo(s) attached and other information included to with the subject title "GGAS PHOTO COMPETITION" on or before the submission deadline.
2) Winners will be contacted to collect their award within 10 days of result announcement.

[Terms and conditions]
1) By submitting the photo(s) to Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society SSS HKUSU ("the Society") for the competition, you imply that you have read and understood the rules of entry.
2) Furthermore, you agree to delegate the rights to the Society for publishing and displaying your photo(s) in the public for purposes other than fundraising. You also agree that your personal details, including but not limited to your full name, curriculum, year-of-study, University Identification Number (UID) and membership status may be published in order to facilitate the smooth operation of this event. You will not be compensated in any form and sort as a result of the usage of the aforementioned information by the Society.
3) By participating in this competition, you declare that all your information provided is complete and true to the best of your knowledge. You also declare that your submission(s) conform(s) to the rules of entry. Participants may be penalized or disqualified if the information provided is identified as untrue and/ or if the submission(s) violate(s) the rules of entry. Penalty will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Society, depending on the severity.
4) The Society reserves the right to disqualify participants, delete and prohibit the publishing and/or displaying of photos that are identified as obscene, provocative, off-topic, or otherwise containing objectionable content without prior notification.
5) For photo(s) submitted during the voting period, the Society is not held responsible for any potential loss done to the participants in case of inability to upload their submissions onto the designated voting site by the end of the voting period. Participants will not be compensated in any form and sort in case of the aforementioned situation.
6) The rules of entry, awards, procedures for entry and other matters in regard to the competition are subject to change without notice.
7) The Society reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.

[Contact Person]
Lo Ho Wen (Academic Secretary) @ 61006956




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