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Geo-News: Issue April 2014

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地球正面臨一個重要的轉捩點,而城市成爲了地球資源的最大用家,究竟我們應該如何發展城市,才能讓地球下一代享受今天人類的生活質素呢?地理地質及考古學會出版新一期的地理刊物 Geo-News,以“城市可持續性”為主題。本期 Geo-News 内容非常豐富,其中包括與港大地理系李煜紹教授討論香港水費與水資源可持續性的語錄以及由港大同學貢獻的地理學術文章。為求更加提高會員對地理的興趣,地理地質及考古學會在本期 Geo-News 附上成爲皇家地理學會會員的優惠及由 Magazines I⋯⋯nternational 雜誌公司提供的雜誌訂購優惠*。會員可以於本週五之前在香港大學大學街(上層)親臨本會攤檔領取 Geo-News 及本會的福利包,以及報名參加本會即將舉行的地理考察。Geo-News 與福利包數量有限,手快有手慢無啊!

*Geo-News 内附的雜誌訂閲優惠將於 4 月 30 日(下週三)到期,有意訂閲雜誌的會員,把握時間在下週三前將填完的報名表遞交本會内閣成員代爲訂購

The earth is facing an important turning point, and cities are the Earth’s largest resource consumers. How should cities be better planned and legislated to protect the quality of life of future generations? Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society SSS HKUSU published a new issue of the Geo-News academic publication, with the topic of “The Geography of Urban Sustainability”, introducing members with urban sustainability issues. This issue of Geo-News is packed with punch, with interview dialogues with Dr. Frederick Lee from the Department of Geography, HKU on Hong Kong’s water sustainability and tariffs, and also a number of student contributed articles. And also to further broaden members’ interest in Geographical knowledge, we have attached membership discounts offered by the Royal Geographical Society Hong Kong Branch together with magazine subscription discounts offered by Magazines International (Asia) Limited*. GGAS Members please visit us in our booth situated in Upper University Street, HKU before this Friday to collect your copy of Geo-News and your Welfare Packs, and also sign up for our upcoming field trip! Our welfare packs are limited, what are you waiting for?

*The magazine subscription discount attached in Geo-News will expire on April 30, 2014. If you are interested in this discount please complete the forms within the publication and submit it to our Excos before next Wednesday!







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