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Photo Competition - Beyond the Skyline
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Hong Kong, a city characterized by its colourful history, diverse culture and East-meets-West character. A city which distinguishes itself from the crowd through neon-lighted streets, breathtaking scenery and glittering skyline. But what lies beyond these glamourous urban attractions? Through this competition organised by Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society SSS HKUSU, we aim to "unfamiliarise the familiar". We encourage participants to discover the other side of Hong Kong - The Rural Hong Kong.
Beyond the Skyline

- Best Photo Award
$100 Starbucks coupon
Photo displayed during Geography Week
- 3 Excellence Awards
Photos displayed during Geography Week

[Important Dates]
- Submission deadline: 10th March, 2013
- Voting Period: 11th – 19th March, 2013
- Official announcement of result: 20th March, 2013

[Rules of entry]
1) The photo(s) submitted should follow the theme.
2) Participants can only submit original photo(s) that are taken by them.
3) Each participant can only submit up to 2 photos.
4) Participants are not allowed to submit revisions after submission.
5) Participants are required to provide his/her full name, UID, curriculum (year), GGAS membership status (member/non-member), mobile phone no. and contact email.
6) Participants are allowed to give titles (max 50 characters) and descriptions (max 200 characters) to their submissions.
7) Participants are strongly advised to read the terms and conditions.
8) Format: JPEG, photo resolution must not be lower than 5MP.

[Submit along with photo(s)]
1) Full Name
2) Curriculum (Year)
3) UID
4) GGAS membership status 
5) Contact no.
6) Contact e-mail
7) Title(s) of photo(s) (if any)
8) Description(s) of photo(s) (if any)
9) Technical details of photo(s) (e.g. aperture, shutter speed) (if any)

[Procedures for entry]
1) Send email [with the photo(s) attached and other information included] to with the subject title "GGAS PHOTO COMPETITION" on or before the submission deadline.
2) All eligible photos will be uploaded onto our Facebook page ( hkuggas). Call your friends to vote by liking your photo(s)!
3) The photo with most likes (upon end of the voting period) will win the Best Photo Award. The top 3 photos (aside from the Best Photo) will be awarded Excellence Awards. Winners will be contacted to collect their award within 10 days of result announcement.

[Terms and conditions]
By submitting the photo(s) to Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society SSS HKUSU ("The Society") for the competition, you claim you have read and understand the rules of entry. You agree to delegate the rights to the Society for publishing and displaying your photo(s) to the public and/or for non-fund-raising purposes. You also agree that your personal details, including but not limited to your full name, curriculum, year of study, University Identification Number (UID) and membership status may be published to the public in order to facilitate the smooth operation of this event. You will not be compensated in any form and sort as a result of the aforementioned usages of your personal details and submission(s) by the Society.

By participating in this competition, you declare that all your information provided is complete, true and correct to the best of your knowledge. You also declare that your submission(s) conform(s) to the rules of entry. Participants may be penalized or disqualified if the information provided is identified as untrue and/or if the submission(s) violate(s) the rules of entry. Penalty will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Society, depending on the severity.

The Society reserves the right to disqualify participants, delete and prohibit the publishing and/or displaying of photos that are identified as obscene, provocative, off-topic, or otherwise containing objectionable content without prior notification.

The rules of entry, awards, procedures for entry and other matters regarding the competition are subject to change without notice.

The Society reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.

[Contact Person]
Christopher Chan (Academic Secretary) @ 9818 0082




Copyright © 2013 Geographical, Geological and Archaeological Society SSS HKUSU


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