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Geo-news I - Conservation

Have you ever thought of what will Lung Mei look like in the future?

Do you think that the government has been doing enough in protecting our beautiful environment and our one and only natural habitat?

Is the recent public attitude high enough for the proper implementation of sustainable development policy?

Let's get the answers from our GEO-NEWS I!

Furthermore, GEO-NEWS I gives you a glimpse of the coming functions held by GGAS. If you are interested in Geography, Geology and Archaeology, do not miss the coming events! You do not want to miss any of them!

E-version of GEO-NEWS I can be viewed on GGAS website( and GGAS facebook page( Moreover, Members and students are welcome to get the hard copies from the Society Room (Room 931, 9/F, Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus).

For further details, feel free to contact us via




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