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Geography Week - Beyond the Skyline
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For so long Hong Kong has been proud of its beautiful skyline stretching across the Victoria Harbor.
But what lies behind these breath-taking sceneries?
Have you ever heard of King Yin Lei? The North-East Development Scheme? Queen’s Pier? Lung Mei Beach? Choi Yuen Village?
Are you interested in these controversies?
Do you want to explore the world beyond the skyline?
Or do you like to have some fun, play some games, watch some videos, make yourself some bags and have some refreshments between breaks?
All your wishes are coming true!
Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society SSS HKUSU is organizing Geography Week – BEYOND THE SKYLINE, which includes many activities that can fill your school-life with joy!

Details of Geography Week
Date: 25-28/3
Time: 1100-1800
Venue: K.K. Leung Concourse

Exhibition & News Election (Check it out!)
Date: 25-28/3

DIY Bag Workshop (Design your own bag! Beautiful & practical!)
Date: 25-28/3
Fee: $10

Map Game (Put your geography knowledge to the test!)
Date: 25-28/3

Video Appreciation (Learn more!)
Date: 25-28/3

Organic Refreshment Tasting (Delicious! Refreshing! Thirst quenching!)
Date: 25-26/3

Soil or Guano? (Do you know which is soil and which is guano? Play and win yourself some guano for free!)
Date: 27-28/3

We'll also set up a counter for Mashipo-Long Yuen Wetland Field Trip registration (field trip to be conducted mainly in Cantonese). Do not hesitate anymore! Come and join!

See you there!
For further details, please refer to our posters and facebook event page ( events/222681477875062/) or contact us via



景賢里、東北發展、龍尾灣、菜園村、第三條機場跑道、皇 后碼頭係咪聽到耳熟能詳呢?
最近睇新聞又係咪經常見到呢類有關發展、保育衝突既報導 ?
想睇片、玩遊戲、DIY環保袋、試食有機食品,並從快樂 中學習?
香港大學學生會社會科學學會地理地質及考古學會將會舉行 名為BEYOND THE SKYLINE既地理週,一次過滿足您地咁多個願望!

日期:25-28/3 (星期一至星期四)
時間: 1100-1800
地點: 梁球琚樓G/F


日期: 25-28/3

DIY環保袋工作坊 (環保又靚又實用!)
日期: 25-28/3
收費: $10

地圖遊戲 (測試你既地理知識!)
日期: 25-28/3

影片觀賞 (讓你知道更多!)
日期: 25-28/3

有機食品試食 (鮮甜味美!)
日期: 25-26/3

糞‧土 (測試你既土壤知識! 玩完仲醒你真空包裝蝙蝠糞土!)
日期: 27-28/3

此外,我地亦會有櫃台接受馬屎埔‧塱原濕地實地考察既參 加登記。
地理週咁多野玩,仲諗? 快的黎啦! 我地等緊你啊!
想知更多? 留意我地既海報同facebook event page
( events/222681477875062/),




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