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燃亮意志鼓起勇氣! G-FEST新生趣旅程等埋你!

開左學喇 近黎有咩做呀? 
返學食lunch 放學 會唔會太悶呀? 
想了解更多HKU文化 或者出外行下呼吸下新鮮空氣? 

G-Fest 報名counter:
時間: 1100-1800
地點: LE1 對外


日期: 12/9 (星期四)
時間: 1930-2130
地點: 西環寶湖海鮮酒家
收費: $110(會員); $130(非會員) 

Welfare Day
日期: 12-13/9 (星期四至五)
時間: 1100-1800
地點: LE1對外

實地考察團 (機會難逢!)
日期: 14/9 (星期六)
時間: 1130-1800
地點: 白沙洲&鹽田仔
收費: $70

Ghost Tour
日期: 25/9 (星期三)
時間: 2000-2230
地點: HKU Main Campus
收費: 每位參加者$20; 二人同行$30

主題: Urban Trees – The Forgotten Oasis
相片提交日期: 2-13/9
網上投票日期: 14-23/9
公佈投票結果日期: 25/9
獎品: 超級市場及戲院coupon

另外,我地既counter仲有好多soc product賣架:)
G-Fest咁多野玩,仲諗? 快D黎啦! 我地等緊你啊!
想知更多? 留意我地既海報同Facebook event page,
打俾Emily Wong (97066970)查詢!

Can't wait for new challenges?! G-FEST is coming to town!

Semester finally starts! Do you have any plans for this year?
Do you feel bored, just listening to lectures and attending tutorials at school?
Have you ever thought of making better use of your leisure time? To meet new friends? To serve your youth? To learn more about HKU? Or simply to have a walk and enjoy a breath of fresh air?

Geographical, Geological & Archaeological Society SSS HKUSU presents to you the G-Fest. All-new, unprecedented, fun and innovative. G-Fest is designed specifically to make the best use of your free time!

G-Fest Registration Counter:
Date: 2-13/9
Time: 1100-1800
Venue: Outside LE1

G-Fest has loads to offer, including

Open Semester Rice
Date: 12/9 (Thursday)
Time: 1930-2130
Venue: Treasure Lake Seafood Restaurant
Fee: $110(Member); $130(Non-member)
(Note: To be conducted in Cantonese)

Welfare Day
Date: 12-13/9 (Thursday to Friday)
Time: 1100-1800
Venue: Outside LE1

Field Trip
Date: 14/9 (Saturday)
Time: 1130-1800
Venue: Pak Sha Chau & Yim Tin Tsai
Fee: $70
(Note: To be conducted in Cantonese)

Ghost Tour
Date: 25/9 (Wednesday)
Time: 2000-2230
Venue: Main Campus, HKU
Fee: $20 for the main applicant; Additional $10 for each referral
Members may enjoy a discount totaling $10 per application
(Note: To be conducted in Cantonese)

Photo Competition
Theme: Urban Trees – The Forgotten Oasis
Photo Submission Period: 2-13/9
Online Voting Period: 14-23/9
Announcement of results: 25/9
Prizes: Supermarket and cinema coupons

In addition, we are also selling our exclusive Society Products at the counter!

Still wondering about G-Fest? Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s come and share the fun with us! You will have no regrets! 

Learn more about G-Fest through our posters and Facebook event page. Or send us an email via and call Emily Wong at 97066970 for further details!




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